9 Tips for Traveling with Children in Israel



  1. When travelling to Israel with kids, help yourself arrive in a calm state by doing research before you land.
  2. Visiting Israel with kids is a pleasure – Israelis love children and rather than you needing to tailor your trip around kid specific activities,
    they are welcome everywhere you go.

  3. Getting around and communicating with the locals should not be difficult. Despite the language barrier, Israelis are exposed to a lot of
    English at school, on the television and from the Internet.

  4. Like any family experience, you should try and engage the children in planning the trip and choosing the activities. Share your ideas with
    the kids such as riding segways along the Tel Aviv shore, making bread in authentic Bedouin tents, floating in the Dead Sea at the lowest
    point on earth, or walking round the ancient walls of Jerusalem – there is something for children of all ages.

  5. Take advantage of technology to help you prepare. YouTube videos, Google Street View or Google Earth are all helpful tools in your research
    and to help you manage expectations.

  6. No matter if your kids are fussy or adventurous eaters, Israelis love their food so there is something for everyone. From colorful markets selling local fresh produce and tasty street food to recognizable international food chains. No matter if you just want to taste the difference between
    the McDonalds’ in different countries, or sample experience new and exotic Mediterranean cuisine, everything is catered for.

  7. ‘Follow the Sun’ is not just an empty phrase when visiting Israel. Long, warm sunny days mean you need to pack the sunscreen, a hat for shade and to keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

  8. Sea, rivers and lakes are just the recipe for water-based fun. In the summer, join Israelis as they head for the water. Spend time on the beaches of the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Sea of Galilee; or the natural, clean springs
    of Israel’s national parks and nature reserves. At these places or at kids’ water parks you’ll get a real sense for what life is like in Israel and enjoy a refreshing dip just like the locals.

  9. Israel is the perfect destination for a family holiday, which will leave long-lasting and wonderful memories. For a successful trip, plan beforehand so you can match your expectations and create a unique experience designed for the whole family.