Meet our team, the people working behind the scenes to create your personal tour and share with you their passion for Israel.
Your tailor made tour to Israel is our responsibility, you are our guest… not just a client. As tourism professionals, we know how to combine the ingredients
 to make a perfect recipe so you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

image Hanna Ram

Hanna Ram

A "Sabra" (Israel born) and a native of Tel Aviv. After spending many years working as a travel coordinator, I decided to take the plunge and invest my knowledge and enthusiasm into my own business. My interest in travel stems from my own activity-based family vacations, always looking for new and interesting sites to visit. During this time, our family discovered countless attractive spots and places serving good food in authentic environments.Now, our experiences are being shared and recounted with our guests visiting Israel.

Languages: Hebrew, English

image Hagar Ram – Media Coordinator

Hagar Ram – Media Coordinator

As part of Generation Y, I am a digital addict and keep the team up-to-speed with the latest social happenings and gatherings. I know the hot places where people like to hang out, and get all the live updates on activities for tourists.
New events, gallery openings, restaurants and musical performances appear on my radar to share with our guests looking to enjoy their holiday in Israel to the full.

Languages: Hebrew, English

image Eitan Shomron – Tour Guide

Eitan Shomron – Tour Guide

I was born in Israel to pioneers, who emigrated from Europe and established a kibbutz in the Negev Desert.
My experiences of a youth growing up in a young country, studies in history, and deep acquaintance with various ethnic groups in Israel, have equipped me with the insights to guide the inquisitive traveler.
I make an effort to show our guests not only country, but to prompt a deeper understanding and question what takes place behind the scenes. People make history and I try to find the small human vignettes that lie behind the big stories.
As an avowed tourist myself, I always attempt to design tours based on the wishes of the guest, so we are all excited at finding new discoveries. I invite you to join me in one of my excursions into the depths of this wonderful land.

Languages: Hebrew and English

image Joe Nakkar

Joe Nakkar

I grew up in Baghdad, Iraq and left in my teens for Britain to finish my schooling at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne University. Years later after immigrating to Israel, I worked for the Ministry of Agriculture running courses for developing countries delegates.
My knowledge of languages provides a rich cultural and historical background to the unique history of Israel.
I remember one of my guests said, "you know why I have chosen you? It's because I wanted a Jewish guy who speaks also Arabic". Being familiar with local language and culture helps my tours touch the essence of the sites we visit.
I take pleasure in the personal touch and when returning from the North, I like to invite my guests to stop by my house in Katzir for a home cooked meal, to share a bottle of wine to say farewell, and create new memories.

Languages: Hebrew, English, French and Arabic

image Daniel Lischinsky – Tour Guide

Daniel Lischinsky – Tour Guide

Born in Argentina, I realized from a young age that Israel was my homeland. With deep roots established, I take pleasure in introducing the land and its people.
With the Bible in hand, I like to revisit the stories and places of the Old and New Testament, and retell the journey of how Israel became a free independent State for the Jewish people.

Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish and German.

image Moti Barness

Moti Barness

I was born in Israel on 1955 and brought up as a true Sabra, on my boyhood I studied in a Jewish religious school.
My Bar Mitzvah ceremony at Masada had a very strong impact on me when my father made me swear that “Masada Shall Not Fall Again“, meaning I should defend my country with my life.
On 1981 After my service at the I.D.F I left Israel for ten years. I visited many countries, to finally understand, that for me, there is no other place except Israel.
1994, I become a licensed tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism. Since 1997, I have been granted a special permit as a private guide in Israel with a tour car. I have turned my traveling hobby into my business. I specialized in Desert Safari tours and in addition, I have dedicated four years to Jerusalem studies at Yad Ben Zvi Institute. Today my beautiful city of Jerusalem is my city and my expertise. I love off the beaten track tours and I do it where ever I can.
My hobbies: Traveling, nature, Bible, history, archeology, diving, photography, food & wine, politics.

Languages: Hebrew, English

image Gadi Bar Shalom

Gadi Bar Shalom

I was born and grew up on a kibbutz in Israel.
I served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as an officer (Major) in both the regular and reserve army.
During the years I worked as youth leader with adolescents, later on I became an irrigation designer for Natafim (drip irrigation company).
For the last Two decades I am a Tour Guide in Israel.
My goal is to bring all aspects of the land to life for you, by weaving the country’s history and heritage with modern concepts like the Kibbutz,
I Specialize in Israeli cuisine and interactions with people from all walks of life.

Languages: Hebrew, English