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A private day tour allows you to experience the most important and interesting locations in Israel.If your itinerary is packed, or you are just visiting on business and want to take advantage of your free time, our private day tours in Israel are customized tours capture aslice of the unique cultural, ethnic and geographical landscape of Israel.

Each tour can be combined with any of our Concept Tours and your private guide will pick you up from your hotel and return you the same evening.


Tel Aviv-Jaffa

The tour presents you with landmarks in this vibrant city from Independence Hall to the quaint Neve Tzedek neighborhood. Find a bargain in the lively Jaffa Flea Market or the colorful Carmel Market.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa  is a UNESCO world heritage site for its Bauhaus architecture, and a city that never sleeps with 24-hour nightlife and international restaurants.

You can immerse yourself in culture and art at the world-renowned Tel Aviv Museum, or get a taste of modern history at the Eretz Israel or Palmach Museums.


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Jaffa Port



Jerusalem is home to all three monotheistic religions. On our tailor made tour we visit the Western Wall and its tunnels, the Tower of David, and ancient Jewish Quarter in the holiest city in Judaism.

Travel Jerusalem and explore the Christian and Armenian Quarters, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and Via Dolorosa. Take a trip to nearby Ein Karem and visit the Church of St. John the Baptist, Garden of Gethsamane at the All Nations Church or the Birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem.

The modern city of Jerusalem also hosts the Israel Parliament (Knesset) along with picturesque neighborhoods, the famous Machane Yehuda market, German Colony, and the Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem.



The Northern Coastline

Further up the coast is Caesarea; home to ancient Roman baths, theatre, hippodrome, port and villas. Atop the hills of Haifa are the magnificent Baha’i Gardens, German Colony, Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery, and Elijah’s Cave.

Less well-known but equally impressive is Acre, site of the Hospitaller Fortress, Templar Tunnels, Turkish Bathhouse, and a historic old city market.

At the northernmost tip of Israel is Rosh Hanikra, with its spectacular natural grottos where you can watch a true Mediterranean sunset.



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Bahai Temple Gardens Haifa


Judean Desret

Equiped with 4×4 vehicle we shall explore the Judean Desert, along our decent from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea basin ,see the land changes into dry wilderness, .

Entr into deep canyons, protected by steep mountains , breathtaking observation from an elevated plato and the majestic silence that embraces nature. Atractive wild life, to be seen by ……

Visit one of the oldest monasteries in the world, built on cliffs overlooking the Kidron (Qidron) Valley.

Other ancient monasteries are scattered across the solitude of the Judean desert, where 4th Century Byzantine monks sought to emulate the Prophets, John the Baptist and Jesus, and return to a simplistic life in the wilderness.



Masada & Dead Sea

Originally built by King Herod in 30 BCE, Masada was the last stronghold of Jewish zealots in the great revolt against Rome in 68 BCE. The well-preserved ruins have been restored to pay homage to their heroic inhabitants.


The lowest point on Earth is surrounded by a stunning desert landscape where its salty waters are known for their healing properties and ability to naturally float in them. Qasr el Yahud

On the banks of the Jordan River is the ancient site of Jesus’ baptism. On the peaceful international border with Jordan, this ancient site is open for pilgrims’ baptisms.






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Dead Sea



Sea of Galilee & Golan Heights

Visit Christian tourist attractions at Capernaum, The Mount of Beatitudes and the site of Jesus’ baptismal site on the Jordan River. Alternatively, discover Jewish historical sites in the old quarter of Tiberius, explore the pioneer settlements around the Sea of Galilee, and soak in the Hammat Gader hot thermal springs pools.

Further north you can visit the Six Day War Memorial, Banias Waterfall, the crusader Nimrod Fortress, and relaxing atmosphere of the Golan Wineries.


Western Galilee

Safed is located on a mountain top overlooking the majestic Upper Galilee, and is home to the Ari Synagogue, Kabbalah and a unique artists colony. Within an hour’s drive you can reach Nazareth and visit the Churches of the Annunciation and Saint Joseph, Mary’s Well, as well as the White Mosque built in Ottoman times.


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Windmills on Golan Heights