Once your itinerary is concluded, we would like to propose our assistance with lodging options to fit your plans in Israel and our selected concierge services to ensure your peace of mind.

Furthermore, facile airport procedures and various transfer means to any location.





Olive Israeli Tourism designs unforgettable experiences in Israel, hosting its guests in luxury properties and boutique hotels across Israel.


Choose from refurbished historical buildings or modern establishments as you relax on your vacation to Israel, in well-equipped accommodation offering excellent food and facilities.

From the world renowned King David and American Colony in Jerusalem, Mizpe Hayamim in Safed, The Scots Hotel in the Galilee and more; we have options suited to every taste.

For guests looking to discover gems on their visit to Israel, try the Beresheet Hotel overlooking the world’s largest geological crater, or one of the boutique hotels hidden away in the Bauhaus capital of the world, Tel Aviv-Yafo.


For travelers seeking a rustic escape, we suggest cabins and lodges dotted throughout the foothills of the Galilee or Golan, or alternatively high-end Kibbutz guesthouses for a closer look of how communal life is being maintained.




image Services



Enjoy the best tours in Israel without lifting a finger…



  • Tickets for cultural events or performances
  • Private guided tours
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Shopping services
  • On-call medical help in the event of illness
  • Secretarial or translation services
  • Transportation – private jet, yacht or any category of vehicles
  • Reservations – massages, wellness treatments etc.


Airport Services 

 – Expedited passport control, baggage handling and collection.
 – VIP lounge – lounge services until boarding and accompanied to the boarding gate.

Transfer in Israel 

-To/from international airports (Ben Gurion, Eilat) and border crossing  points  (for trips to Jordan). 

 -A versatile fleet (7-seaters, mini-van, luxurious cars and driver).