Jewish Heritage Tailor made Tour


Carved into Israel’s history and landscape are biblical journeys thatdefine the 
unbroken chain of the Jewish people to the land of the great kings and prophets and follow in the footsteps of the pioneers who struggled to
 build the modern State of Israel.

Our tailor made tours will introduce you to the essential historical
Jewish sites, as well as the hidden gems, including Jerusalem,
Masada, Safed, Zichron Ya’akov Rosh Pina and more.




The Kotel (Western Wall) is the heart and soul of Jewish identity in the Promised Land, and a surviving remnant of the Temple Mount, destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. When visiting the City of David you will be impressed by the excavations that illuminate the era of the Judean Kings – including the Siloam Tunnel (Hezekiah’s Tunnel) dug underneath the City of David in Jerusalem in ancient times.

No tour to Jerusalem is complete without a visit to Yad Vashem. The museum is a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and recounts the elimination of the Jewish community in Europe, the heroism of the victims and the Righteous Gentiles, and reminds us to “Never Forget”.




Since the 1600s, the Galilean mountaintop city has attracted spiritual people and artists.  Surrounded by stunning natural scenery and a transcendent atmosphere, this special city holds the secrets of the Cabbalists (Jewish mystics) who lived here for hundreds of years. The City is a typical old Galilean settlement, with stone houses and narrow alleyways in the ancient quarter. Safed is also a spot for rest and relaxation, and known for its fresh air and cool summers.


image Jewish Heritage Tailor made Tour

Safed the city of mysticism



King Herod as a present to himself built the fortress of Masada in the Judean Desert in the year 30 BCE. During the great revolt against Rome in the year 68 BCE, the isolated and elevated fortress was conquered by the Jewish zealots and became their last stronghold.

In the year 72 BCE, the Romans besieged Masada and the following year the zealots, rather than face capture, committed suicide en masse as a symbol of their free spirit. 

UNESCO has made Masada a world heritage site, which has remained almost untouched since the Roman times. Highlights include Herod’s northern palace, the mosaic floor of bathhouse, beautiful murals, storerooms and synagogue.


image Jewish Heritage Tailor made Tour

Masada fortress, overlooking the Dead Sea



More on our Way

Um El Kanatir – An impressive 6th Century synagogue on the Golan Heights has been carefully reconstructed using innovative technology and revealed fascinating archeological finds; among these are a magnificent Torah shrine and menorah-carvings.


Zikhron Ya’akov – Sitting on the tip of the Carmel Mountain, this charming farming community is famous for its vineyards and wine production. Stroll along the old quarter with its boutiques and art studios, and indulge in the many restaurants and coffee shops.


Naharayim – This landmark celebrates the first electric power system in Israel. In 1919, the engineer Pinchas Rutenberg emigrated from Russia to Palestine and realized the rapid development of Israel would require electrical power. Despite the obstacles, he eventually built a hydroelectric power plant on the Jordan River that opened in 1930.


Kinneret Cemetery – In 1911 on the shore of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) the pioneers from a nearby settlement prepared a Jewish burial sitewhich includes political leaders, artists, poets such as Katzanelson, Borochov, Hess, Hartzfeld and others. There are the graves of those who died of malaria, and by the grave of Rachel the Poet, you can find a book of her creations. The famous songwriter Naomi Shemer was buried here in 2004.




image Jewish Heritage Tailor made Tour

View of Golan Heights from Kineret (sea of Galilee)


Bar Mitzvah in Israel

A coming of age and once in a lifetime trip to Israel to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah is an unbreakable commitment to the roots and heritage of every generation, and with the heightened significance of Israel being a home for the Jewish nation.

We can help you organize a Bar Mitzvah celebration whether at the Kotel, in Masada, or an intimate location in the Galilee or Golan. We can provide Rabbis’ and create a unique family occasion perfectly suited to younger and older generations alike, and host guided tours for the visiting party.




image Jewish Heritage Tailor made Tour

Bar Mitzvah on Mt. Bental Golan Heights courtesy: Gurland Family N.J.