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Whether it’s your first trip to Israel or you visit often, our Concept Tours will add a new dimension to your holiday in Israel. Our guests can experience the best tours in Israel, either as an individual day trip, or built into longer itinerary.


As these are private tours, you are welcome to create your own unique experience from a range of activities including visiting the Hula Valley,
organic farms, cultural centers, gastronomic hotspots, outstanding
architectural wonders and fascinating street art considered
to be among the world best works.







Ecotourism trips are designed to showcase and build awareness of natural conservation efforts by local people and government. Israel is a leader in the preservation of natural resources, with leadership in the reduction of industry pollutants and the conservation of flora and fauna.


Bird Migration – Hula Valley

Israel sits at the hub of three continents, and with its diverse climate, over 500 million migrating birds from different species find their way to Israel twice a year, in autumn and spring. This unique spot is also a shelter for many threatened species. 


Green – Mud Building, organic farming, Sustainable Israel

Visit inspired sustainable architecture and take part in various workshops for local food production, natural building and permaculture.

From the latest green buildings of Tel Aviv University to ancient Nabatean settlements, our private eco tours provide the opportunity to visit farms using modern organic agriculture technology and biological pest control.

As pioneers of solar energy and modern irrigation techniques, see first-hand why Israel is the ‘start-up nation’ and a global leader in clean technologies.



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Mud Building Courtesy:



Cultural Diversity

Being a central points for religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha’i, Samaritan and Druze, Israel has a rich cultural diversity… and that’s before you fuse Jewish cultures brought from the four corners of the globe.

The tour introduces Ethiopian and Bedouin women preserving their traditional artisan culture, and reveals a glimpse of the Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Sherim, as they make preparations for Shabbat.


Visit the artist’s colony in Ein Hod and Safed, world-leading collections at the Tel Aviv Museum or Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and delight in concerts and operas conducted in historic locations such as Masada, the ancient amphitheater in Caesarea or soak up the vibe at the Jazz festival on the shores of the Red Sea.

This is a chance to sample the renowned Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, or find a favorite genre from a wide repertoire from the world of dance, or simply enjoy the active nightlife of restaurants, clubs and bars.



Street Art

Colorful, bold and authentic art statement in the back yard of Tel Aviv. The tour will stroll in the southern part of the city passing by old deserted buildings, exposed brick walls or a dump container that were transformed into an art scene overnight by anonymous artists. Find out about the contemporary Israeli culture and the selection of artistic expression tools. Visit the places that makes Tel Aviv one of the leading urban art cities in the world.



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Israel was ruled throughout most of its history by various cultures, which have profoundly influenced its architecture – Templar, Crusader, Byzantine, Arab, and also European styles such as Russian, or Ottoman (Turkish).

Today, Israel pays homage to the past by encouraging the restoration of old properties that contribute to the beauty and pride of its cities.

Tel Aviv has a special role in the local architecture. In the 1920’s and 30’s, Jewish architects from Europe settled and introduced the modern Bauhaus style, which was well adapted to the local climate and need. Most of the buildings were white, leading to its moniker the “White City”. The old Bauhaus streets are popular and are the heartbeat of the city’s vibrant lifestyle.


Outstanding architecture projects:

-The YMCA in Jerusalem was designed by the Empire State Building architect.
-The prize-winning Bet Gabriel sits on the Sea of Galilee
-Bonem House, Bauhaus in Jerusalem
-Merkaz Shimshon, Jerusalem by Moshe Safdie
-Ashdod’s Performing Arts Center



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Bauhaus Buildings in Tel Aviv


Culinary  Tour


Deuteronomy 8:8 “land with wheat and barley, vines and fig trees, pomegranates, olive oil and honey”


The Promised Land supplies all the delicious ingredients for both creative and modest meals – Mediterranean fish, fresh fruits, vegetables, olive oils, wines, and a variety of dairy products.

Israel is known for it’s eclectic cuisines; Arabs and Jews from East and West, bring their family’s food tradition and enrich the culinary experience.

Eat with locals in their home; enjoy Bedouin meals or chef restaurants. Stroll through local food markets and visit newly opened culinary hotspots. A private guide in Israel will enable you to visit a specific region of your choice, meet the people and enjoy typical foodstuffs and local cooking traditions. Each area has excellent wineries, dairy farms and olive oil press you can visit.


“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw




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Courtesy:Ministry of Tourism phot.Itamar Grinberg