Recreation Break


Getting wet


  • Water parks

    A perfect way to spend a hot summer day. Israel offers 4 water parks, including a variety
     of water slides and wave pools, suiting each member of the family.

Where-north and central Israel
Who– adult and children


  •  Water sport

    In the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the red sea (Eilat) and the Sea of Galilee, you can
    learn to surf, try out kitesurfing or take a fast ride on a tubing boat. The speed lovers will enjoy
    jet skiing, and water skiing, while the others can relax on a paddle boat or a sea kayak.

Where-north, center and south Israel.
Who–   adult and children.


  • Swimming with dolphins

    A magical experience in the Dolphin’s reef in Eilat! Bond with our distance mammal cousins,
    as you snorkel in their natural habitat. All essential equipment will be provided.

Where– Eilat, south of Israel.
Who–    adults,children 10-15 yr, (swimming skills) accompanied by adults.                 


  • Rafting & Kayaks

    An inflatable raft will take you down the river, in one of two courses: the family course, a flat ride insuring you can enjoy the atmosphere, and the challenge course, a jumpy ride for maximum
    water splashes.

Where– northern Israel.
Who–    course:  family – 6 yr and up, challenge- 15 yr and up.                  


  • Scuba diving

    Whether you are a professional diver, or a beginner, in Israel you can scuba dive in the waters of two
    different seas. Accompanied by an experienced instructor, all suited up for the amazing underwater

Where– North Central and South of Israel.
Who–     adults, children age 8 and up.



  • Zip line jump

    Sliding down the line, 25 meters above ground, straight into the refreshing water of the Jordan River.

Were– northern Israel.
Who–  adults, children  8  yr and up.


  • Tunnel of Hezekiah

    Carved underneath the City of David to bring water to the besieged city. A cool escape in a hot summer day, 45 minutes of walking through knee high water, along 1,500 foot of remarkable engineering ability.

Were– Jerusalem Israel.
Who–  adults, children  5  yr and up.




image Recreation Break

Courtesy:Ministry of Tourism Phot. Itamar Grinberg



Raising your heart beat


  • Paintball

    Let out your inner warrior in a real life shooting game! Plan a strategy, build up team spirit, and beet the other teams! Every participant will be equipped with face mask; body shield, and a camouflage overall.

Where north, central and south of Israel
Who–    adults, children 13 and up.


  • Mountain slide

    Embedded in the natural landscape of the upper Galilee, the Manara mountain slide offers a ride suits not only for the extreme lovers. A two sited rail-cart will take you down the mountain in a speed reaching 28 mph, making sure you can enjoy the panoramic view of Northern Israel. 

Where– Manara, north Israel.
Who– adults, children  3-12 yr accompanied by adult.


  • Absailing and rock climbing

    Abseiling and rock climbing- give yourself a portion of excitement. Secured in your harness, begin your descent from the top of an elevated plateau, hanging between earth and sky,  make your way down overlooking the scenic view.

Where– across Israel.
Who–    adults, children  3-12 yr accompanied by adult.



image Recreation Break

Courtesy:Ministry of Tourism

In the air


  • Paragliding

    Buckle up and brace yourself for a lifting experience! Gliding in the skies of Israel, alongside an experienced instructor, allows you to take a glimpse from the birds view over the beautiful landscape, and doesn’t spare the adrenalin rush.

Where-north, center and south of Israel.
Who–   adults, children  4 yr and up.


  • Hot air balloon

    Rise up gradually, as the landscape slowly reviles. With the help of the wind, drift effortlessly and surrender to the silence.

Where– across Israel.
Who–    adults, children  6 yr and up.




image Recreation Break

Courtesy:Ministry of Tourism Phot. Dafna Tal




  • Kangaroo park

    Feel like Australia’s outback, in the middle of Israel! Because of the similarity of the climate, the kangaroo park offers a “like-home” resident for kangaroos and other marsupials, as well as for native Australian birds like the mighty casuar. Feeding and petting are welcomed.

Where– northern Israel.


  • Alpaca’s farm

    The “camel” of South America lives in the south of Israel. In the farm you can meet the alpacas, and their relatives, the lamas. Listen to the story of the animals, learn how to process their wool, feed and pet them. The young members of the family can enjoy a lama back ride.

Where Mitzpe Ramon, South of Israel.



 On wheels


  • Segway tours

    Not necessarily an urban ride! Although you can choose to tour the main cities on two wheels, the main attraction is the rural course. Riding on a special, customized field Segway, exploring the un-paved roads of Israel.

Where– urban ride: Jerusalem and Tel Aviv,rural ride: across Israel.  
Who–  16 yr and up.


  • Bicycle trip

    Experience Israel throw the ground, feel every stone on the way, and control your own pace. Bike rental is available across the country, escorted tours are optionally.

  Where– north central and south of Israel.
 Who–     adults and children




image Recreation Break


  • Archeological excavation

    Participate in an actual excavation, Sift through gravel, in a tangible experience, uncovering the glory of ancient Israel.

Where- selected locations
Who-    adults and children.


  • The underwater observation park

    While visiting Israel you have a chance to explore the living creatures of the deep. The circular observation hall is located 12 meters under the water, where you can meet sharks, corals, rays, jellyfish and a lot of unique red sea fish. In the park you can also found a variety of aquariums presenting sea turtles, rare fish and a special Amazonas wild life display.

Where- Eilat, south of Israel.
Who-   adults and Children.



  • Ayalon Institute

     8 meters below the ground, in the years 1945-48, a bullet factory was secretly producing ammunition for the coming war. See how the institute managed to disguise the activity form British soldiers and even from most of the Kibbutz members for so long

Where- Rehovot, center of Israel.
Who-   adults and Children.