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Only a short journey from Israel and you can be standing in Petra  a 2,000 year old wonder of the modern world.The shared border between Israel and
Jordan makes a visit to Petra very accessible.Among the attractions in Israel,
  we offer you the opportunityfor a short trip to Jordan toexplore fascinating 
 natural landscapes,historical artifacts and acquaint yourself with
the local Bedouin culture. 

The most popular tour from Israel is Petra and Wadi Rum area but a longer
optionof 2-3 day visit includes the sights of Wadi Rum, Madaba, Mt. Nebo
and Jerash.Visitors staying in Eilat hotels will be picked up and dropped
off from their hotel. All border requirements including visa, are completed
at the border on day of crossing into Jordan. A one-day tour begins early morning and ends in the late afternoon.If time is limited, we can arrange domestic flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat, which are less than an hour, 
so you can return back by evening the next day.  


Discover the Lost City of Petra


Nomadic Nabataean tribesmen who traded on the Silk Route and later settled were responsible for the spectacular stone-cut architecture of Petra.

Surrounded by mountains and rocks in the middle of the deserts of south Jordan, the city was lost for almost 500 years until discovery in the 1800’s, then becoming a world heritage site in 1985.

The amazing red sand and view of Wadi Musa can be seen before you reach Petra. In the distance you see Jabal Harun (Aaron’s Mountain) where it is believed Moses’ brother was buried.

Upon reaching Petra at the entrance to the Siq, you can see the Obelisk Tomb. After a one-kilometre walk in the Siq (gorge) a few steps into a narrow crack will bring you to the foot of the majestic Al-Khazneh (Treasury). The elaborate façade carved into the pink rock is 30m wide and 43m high and is a tomb for the Nabatean kings. Overlooking the valley is the impressive Ad-Deir Monastery.

Our private guided tour will lead you around Petra’s most important sites including the Street of Facades, Royal Tombs, Colonnade Street, and the Great Temple.




image Jordan Glimpse

Wadi Rum Petra



Two-Day Tour 



“This creed of the desert seemed inexpressible in words, and indeed in thoughts.” 
T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia)


Our tour is about the primeval and glorious desert, the keeper of an ancient culture, and home to Bedouin tribes.

On the first day we visit Petra. The second day options include a Jeep tour along the magnificent hidden tracks of Wadi Rum, climbing the Edom Mountains
and crossing the wild and serene landscape into steep canyons.
Alternatively, you can visit historical sites on the second day. See the famous Madaba mosaic map, found in a 6th century AD Byzantine church that contains the oldest surviving, original description of the Holy Land.



Our next stop is at Jerash, the remarkable and well preserved site of Roman architecture famous for the Forum Colonnaded Street, Hadrian’s Arch, and the Hippodrome.




image Jordan Glimpse

Ancient City of Jerash, Jordan





Finally, visit Mount Nebo more than 800 meters high, which is thought to be the place where Moses viewed the Promised Land, and where early Christians made pilgrimage.





image Jordan Glimpse

Mt. Nebo, Jordan